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Dear all racist Americans,

First, Nina Davuluri is Indian, not an Arab or Egyptian. These are different countries, with different languages, cultures and customs. Please check your Atlas.

Second, Nina Davuluri is not a Muslim. She is a Hindu. For those of you ignorant to not know what these are, they are separate religions, with very different beliefs. Therefore, Nina Davuluri is not a terrorist, and had nothing to do with 9/11.

Also, did you know that not all Muslims are terrorists? I know, shocker, right?

Third, she is born an American. If you can have a black president, why can’t you have a brown Miss America?

And finally, by the same logic, you white people are of European descent and therefore have no right to win Miss America, either, correct? Only native Americans should be allowed to run, right?

The last paragraph.


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